Hofstra and the New York Yankees

As summer comes into focus, I can’t help but reflect on the convergence of two of my favorite passions in life, Hofstra and major league baseball.

Currently, the New York Yankees lead the Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning at Tropicana Field. While a one-run lead in a Saturday afternoon game is not headline worthy, what has been is the continued spirit and resolve demonstrated by the 2013 Yankees.

Despite injuries to some of their most important players, the Yankees have managed to surprise even their biggest supporters by starting the season with a 29-18 record, standing alone atop the American League East.

While the early success of the 2013 Yankees might be satisfying enough for many local New York fans, what makes it even sweeter for me is the fact that there are a number of Hofstra alumni linked to the team, helping them to tell this great story in different ways.

I thought this blog post would be a great place to highlight several of these former Hofstra students, shining a light on the bond that exists between the Yankees and Hofstra. They include:

Anthony Bruno, Chief Financial Officer, New York Yankees
Randy L. Levine, President, New York Yankees
Debra Oppenheim, Casting Team, Henry & Me (animated Yankees movie coming soon)
Victoria Rossi, Desk Assistant/Yankees Studio Operations, WCBS-AM
Ken Singleton, YES Network Analyst (attended Hofstra for one year before being drafted by the NY Mets)

Here’s to a great summer of baseball!

Yankees Team President Randy Levine ’80 on the field with General Manager Brian Cashman (Photo courtesy of http://www.nj.com)