Winter Session in Dempster Hall

I wanted to let you know that we are offering a number of classes during the January session here in Dempster. In addition to earning the credits, we are also planning some unique opportunities for those of you that decide to stick around, one involving NYC and the other a VIP resume and cover letter workshop for School of Communication students. Below is the list of courses offerings. If you need any assistance enrolling, please let me know.

Winter Course Offerings

RTVF 001: Sound and Image Aesthetics Prof. Bill Jennings MTWR 11-3pm CRN 10200 No Prerequisite

RTVF 090: Acting for the Camera Prof.Randy Hillebrand MTWR 9-12:45pm  CRN 10136 No Prerequisite

RTVF 100: Principles of Digital Editing Prof. Jamie Cohen MTWR 4-8:30pm CRN 10137 Prerequisite: Experience with non-linear editing software and an interest in artistic editing

JRNL 001: Media Ethics Prof. Richard Bambrick MTWRF 12:50-4:35pm CRN 10204 No Prerequisite

MASS 001: History and Development Prof. Jeff Morosoff MTWR 9-12:10pm CRN 10122 No Prerequisite

SPCM 001: (CP) Oral Comm Prof. Paulette Brinka MTWR 9-12:45pm CRN 10138 No Prerequisite

PR 180A: Image vs. Reality STUDY ABROAD in Venice Prof. Ellen Frisina CRN 10159 No Prerequisite