School of Communication Top 5’s

The School of Communication at Hofstra has close to 1,100 undergraduate students pursuing degrees within our three departments: the Department of Rhetoric, the Department of Radio, Television, Film, and the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations. The size of our school has more than doubled since it was chartered in 1995. In thinking about how far we’ve come over the past twenty years, I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of “Top 5” lists highlighting some facts about the students who attend our school:

Top 5 School of Communication Majors Being Pursued
5. Video/Television and Film (B.S.)
4. Video/Television (B.A. & B.S.)
3. Film Studies and Production (B.A.)
2. Public Relations (B.A.)
1. Journalism (B.A.)

FUN FACT: The School of Communication now offers a five year joint B.A./M.A. in Journalism.

Top 5 States School of Communication Students Come From
5. Pennsylvania
4. Massachusetts
3. Connecticut
2. New Jersey
1. New York

FUN FACT: 53% of School of Communication students are from outside of the state of New York.

Top 5 Colleges Transfer Students Come From
5. St. John’s University
4. Kingsborough Community College
3. Long Island University – CW Post
2. Suffolk County Community College
1. Nassau County Community College

FUN FACT: Over 1,200 students have transferred into the School of Communication during the past ten years.

Top 5 Most Popular Male Student Names
5. Anthony
4. Nicholas
3. Michael
2. Joseph
1. Matthew

Top 5 Most Popular Female Student Names
5. Sarah
4. Jessica
3. Jennifer
2. Emily
1. Rachel

FUN FACT: “Q” and “U” are the only letters not represented by School of Communication first names.

Top 5 Countries School of Communication Students Originate From
5. Italy
4. China
3. Peru
2. United Kingdom
1. United States of America

FUN FACT: Hofstra alumnus¬†Adrian Saba’s¬†(Lima, Peru) film El Limpiador was recently accepted into the Cinefondation Residence Program from the Cannes Film Festival.¬†