10 Registration Tips

Check out ten tips and reminders that are important for School of Communication students to keep in mind when registering!

1. Full-time tuition is one price for 12-17 semester hours. Anyone enrolling for an 18th credit will be billed for the additional semester hour.

2. Students pursuing a foreign language not previously studied in high school must submit a Special Language Option form to the Center for University Advisement in 101 Memorial Hall.

3. Students seeking permission to declare a dual major or dual degree must make an appointment to speak with an Advisement Dean in the Center for University Advisement. They are located in room 101 Memorial Hall and can be reached at (516) 463-6770.

4. A maximum of 45 credits in one department can be applied toward a Bachelor of Arts degree at Hofstra.

5. “D” is the minimum grade needed to receive credit for a Distribution course. “C-“ is the minimum grade needed to satisfy WSC 1, 2 and all courses required for a student’s major and/or minor.

6. Unless otherwise noted, courses taken to fulfill  distribution requirements will double dip toward your minor. The double dipping can be verified by reviewing your DAR. Please be sure to meet with your minor advisor at least once a semester.

7. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in the major and 2.5 overall in order to remain in any of the majors within the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations.

8. All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a minimum of 94 credits of course work in the liberal arts and sciences (School of Communication B.S. majors require a minimum of 72).

9. All School of Communication students are required to complete MASS 001, RTVF 001, and SPCM 001. It is recommended that those courses be completed by the middle of sophomore year.

10. Students attempting a B.A. within the Departments of Radio, Television, Film, and Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations are required to complete a liberal arts based minor. Students dual majoring with a liberal arts discipline are not expected to complete a minor.