Political Communication Now at Hofstra

I’m excited to share the news that the Department of Rhetoric at Hofstra launches its new B.A. in Rhetorical Studies with a concentration in Political Communication this fall!

Law, government, issue advocacy, and social activism all rely on effective communication. Leaders in all these fields are required both to craft and respond to arguments as they persuade others, mobilize public opinion, forge consensus and share information. This concentration offers students both a theoretical foundation necessary for understanding the role of communication in a diverse society and intensive practice in creating and presenting messages to a variety of audiences. Through courses in the history and theory of rhetoric, social protest, persuasion, and mass media and politics, students learn about the importance of communication in political and social processes. Through courses in public speaking, argumentation and debate, and speechwriting, students learn to prepare, present, and respond critically to messages aimed at a variety of publics. By combining communication courses with supporting course work in political science, history, sociology, economics, and other areas, students develop a rich understanding of politics and society.

The Political Communication concentration is intended for students who are interested in positions of leadership in civic life, whether in government, public service, educational or cultural institutions, or non-governmental organizations or social advocacy groups. It is also an excellent program of study for students preparing for law school or for graduate school in communication or public affairs.

Program Requirements – Total Semester Hours: 57

B. Concentration Core Courses – Semester Hours: 18

D. Supporting Course Work in Politics and Public Affairs – Semester Hours: 18