Liberal Arts Minor Options

As most of you know, all School of Communication students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in the Department of Radio, Television, Film or the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, & Public Relations are required to declare and complete an 18 credit liberal arts based minor. There are now over 70 liberal arts based minors to choose from including new options like Civic Engagement, Computer Applications & Digital Media Design, Philosophy, Society & Business, and Publishing Studies. Students majoring in the Department of Radio, Television, Film now also have the option to minor in Mass Media Studies. Below is the complete list of current minor options per the 2014-2015 Hofstra Bulletin.

To declare your minor, visit the department you are wishing to declare to request their approval on a change of study form. Once the form is signed, simply drop it off to room 206 Memorial Hall for processing and you are all set! NOTE: Students who declare a dual major with one of the areas no longer need to complete a minor.