Journalism at Hofstra

I recently decided that my latest blog post would focus on the Herbert School’s journalism program and why it’s an ideal place for aspiring journalists to pursue their degree. As I started drafting the post, I realized that while I’m certainly qualified to speak on the matter, it would be even more valuable to hear the thoughts and opinions our current students.

Here are the responses I received when I asked our current students why they believe the Herbert School is an ideal place to study journalism:

“Hofstra has a lineup of amazing professors who have had direct experience in all different fields of journalism and they care about students very much.” – Shannon Toohey, Senior

“My decision boiled down between Marquette, Syracuse and Hofstra. I chose Hofstra because of the (at the time) upcoming Presidential Debate and the proximity to the city. Both were phenomenal experiences and the internships I’ve had already blow away any local affiliate internship I could have gotten while there.” – Emily Feldman, Senior

“One of the reasons I love being a journalist at Hofstra is because the courses really prepare you for life as a journalist. We use the same technology and techniques the professionals use and that makes us more marketable for internships and employment.” – Sarah Bartis, Junior

“I have worked for CNN during the Presidential Debate, worked for Sean Hannity at Fox News Channel, and I currently work for MTV2/MTVU. I don’t think I would be doing the work in the field that I love or have as many experiences or opportunities as I do now, if I did not attend Hofstra.” – Amber Qalagari, Junior

WRHU! It gives great opportunities for on air practice and pre-professional development while allowing you to network and make great connections for internships and jobs.” – Samantha Sedlack, Junior

“Hofstra’s Herbert School of Communication is a great place to study journalism because it’s so close to New York City. I got wonderful hands on experience in the classroom and I was able to take that experience and intern at Marie Claire magazine in NYC. Hofstra is so close to the train station that it was easy for me to get to my city internship, and it opened up a ton of new internship opportunities at amazing companies.” – Katie Day, Senior

“My favorite reason is the camaraderie between students & students and students & staff.  I have made close friends in my classes which makes doing projects easier as well as more enjoyable.  Also, the small classes allow me to become friends with my professors which helps make activities out of the classroom more enjoyable.” – Brian Cudina, Sophomore

“The best reason in my opinion is that the professors aren’t merely teachers, but have worked in the top of their professions and are teaching from real life experiences in the positions that most students are here for. The entire staff from the advisors to administration and professors are very hands on as well in ensuring that the students get what they need.” – Michelle Medoff, Senior

“We have classes that teach you how to work in the field, like JRNL 75 where you actually produce a weekly news show live with a professor that has been an actual producer for years.” – Claudia Balthazar, Senior

WRHU alone is reason enough to come to Hofstra! The experience you gain is unparalleled.” – Brianna Borresen, Senior

“In the classroom, students are assigned a diverse array of broadcasting responsibilities, from creating news blogs to interviewing public officials for original stories. Also, extracurricular programs and clubs such as, WRHU 88.7FM Radio Hofstra University and Hofstra Today, really allow students to throw themselves into a more realistic realm of the Communications industry.” – Elisa Tang, Junior

“We are trained to fit exactly into the real world of communications, which does in fact help undergraduates land their dream job right after graduating.” – Amanda Torres, Senior