Top Ten Hofstra Majors

As I type this entry, the School of Communication is home to over one thousand undergraduate students for the upcoming fall semester. Among them, our most popular majors are Journalism (B.A.), Public Relations (B.A.), Video/Television (B.A. and B.S. programs), and Film Studies and Production (B.A.). In case you’re curious, I thought I would also share a list of the top ten largest majors at all of Hofstra University (as of 7/3):

Number 10: English (includes concentrations in Creative Writing & Literature, Publishing Studies & Literature, and English & American Literature)

Number 9: Finance

Number 8: Management

Number 7: Public Relations

Number 6: Engineering (includes electrical engineering, engineering science, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering)

Number 5: Marketing

Number 4: Journalism

Number 3: Accounting

Number 2: Psychology

Number 1: Biology